What is Chamber Nine?

Chamber Nine is Kickup challenge meets Kung Fu mastery.  It's an exciting new British freestyle football challenge, It's the perfect gift for all football and freestyle football mad kids and adults alike.  The progressive kick up challenge takes the player from New Beginner (5 kick ups) right through 24 levels, where they can become Grand Master.  No strings or keep up aids allowed to encourage the player to understand the natural movement of the ball from the beginning.

How does the Chamber Nine challenge work?

All challenges must be completed using our Official Chamber Nine ball.  Follow the kick up and freestyle challenges as instructed in the guide booklet, provided with the season one kit, also available to view in the members arena HERE.  Upload your videos and scores to our social media outlets, compete with your family and friends to become the Grand Master. Players can use the Official Chamber Nine Tripod and Bluetooth Shutter to video record themselves completing the challenges, this is necessary to assess form, count back scores and to enter our online Flash competitions via our social media channels.

Season One challenges its players to master the art of kick ups before going on to conquer their first freestyle tricks and combinations. If you are looking to improve your ball mastery skills or are in need of a new challenge… look no further

Enter the challenge in Chamber 1 and work your way through the Chambers until you are ready to come up against your fellow Grand Masters in the elusive CHAMBER NINE BATTLE.

How much does it cost?

Season One is currently £39.99 and available from our store HERE

Where can I play?

Anywhere you like!

Is it just for kids?

No, The Chamber Nine Season One challenge is open to all ages and genders.

Do I have to use a Chamber Nine ball?

Yes, you need to use the Official Chamber Nine Size 3 32 panel FIFA International Match Standard Football included in the Season One kit available HERE 

Do I need to have Instagram or Facebook?

No, you can choose to compete against yourself, your friends and family without the use of social media.  We also use TikTok and Youtube. If you have no social media accounts but would like to compete online you can send your videos to us and we will check and post them for you on our social media.

What is freestyle football?

Freestyle football is the art of combining football kick ups, tricks and skills to impress others and compete with opponents.

How do I become a football freestyler?

Lots of hard work, patience, persistence and plenty of practice!

Are there any prizes?

Prizes, incentives and offers will be introduced as we evolve.

How do I get in touch?

You can email us HERE connect on our social media HERE or use our online enquiry form HERE.

Why a size 3 ball?

A size 3 ball was chosen to increase the difficulty, concentration and co-ordination required.

Other questions?

Get in touch - HERE