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  • Chamber Nine - Exciting new freestyle football challenge

    SEASON ONE IS HERE... THE WAIT IS OVER Fancy a Discount? Join our Members Arena FREESTYLE FOOTBALL x KUNG FU Season One challenges its players to master the art of kick ups before going on to conquer their first freestyle tricks and combinations. If you are looking to improve your ball mastery skills or are in need of a new challenge… look no further; Chamber Nine is awaiting you! - Learn More £19.99 Free UK Shipping Buy Now More Videos THE CHAMBERS ONE ~ NEW BEGINNINGS TWO ~ CURIOSITY THREE ~ DETERMINATION FOUR ~ GROWTH FIVE ~ CONTROL SIX ~ STRENGTH SEVEN ~ STABILITY EIGHT ~ GRAND MASTER GALLERY More Photos FAQs ~ Join Our Mailing List ~ Submit THANK YOU

  • Chamber Nine - Exciting new freestyle football challenge


  • Chamber Nine - Exciting new freestyle football challenge

    ASSOCIATES Chamber Nine associated companies. These are companies we trust, have close links to and we highly recommend. Please check them out. The Arena Norwich A 17,5000 SQUARE FOOT SPORTS CENTRE WITH FOUR STATE-OF-THE-ART FOOTBALL PITCHES, BOXING GYM, PHYSIO SPACE, PLANT-BASED CAFE & CHANGING FACILITIES. NORWICH’S ONLY PUBLIC ACCESS, INDOOR FOOTBALL PITCHES WITH AN EMPHASIS ON TECHNOLOGY & DESIGN. Website Future Football Elite Future Football Elite is a professional standard football academy & Nike partner club. We offer elite training to players aged 3 - 16 years of age, from our centre in Norwich & online. Our various programmes are designed to offer coaching equal to a professional club’s academy, but accessible to all through three ability levels in each age group; development, elite & academy. As a junior premier league club, we also offer players the opportunity to compete at the highest level in the east of England. Website

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  • Tiger Style

    "Tiger style is a mystical form of kung-fu first made popular by the Wu-Tang Clan. Tiger style is so ridiculously badass that even if you are less of a fighter than your opponent, you'll beat his ass beyond recognition” * The Logo How many Usain Bolts, Ronaldos, Williams, Orpahs, Banksies, Einsteins, Adeles, Gallaghers…ok that’s enough…how many talented superstars have settled into a comfortable lifestyle and never pursued their universally unique talent? Perhaps they’ve just stopped picking up that racket, hitting the track, plucking the strings, kicking the ball or thinking that E, might just, in some other worldly manor, equal MC2? ​ Cue Matty B; ex bus driver turned telecoms engineer and amateur artist from Norfolk… I knew how talented Matty was and decided that I would drop him a text in early March 2020 to see if he’d fancy getting involved in my kung fu kick up project… I had no brand name, no money and zero credibility…just an idea of something that I believed in and got to work on convincing him to draw for me… ​ Initially he told me that he didn’t think my vision would match his skill set, he draws cartoons for fun, and I was asking for traditional Chinese mythology art with a football theme and so sleek that it could evolve into a prestigious street fashion brand…thankfully, despite my ludicrous demands, he accepted the challenge and we started to create our brand. See below the later stages of our logo evolution… *Quote Source


    As early as the 11th century Street Football has existed in Britain, the medieval versions of the game however, are as comparable to our meekly mannered ‘Prison Rules’ game as MMA is with Pooh Sticks. Rumoured to have originated during the Danish Invasion of England between 1018-1042, when workers discovered a DANISH SOLDIERS HEAD and decided to use it for a ‘kick about’…GRIM!!! The ‘Kick the Dane’ in the face game evolved into a riotous sport, with large crowds of men rampaging through towns and villages, thankfully for the Danes, now with an inflated Pig or Cows bladder in their stead… With the exception of MANSLAUGHTER - players could move the ball by any means necessary with the objective of reaching the centre of the opposing team’s village…Smashing up shops, homes, biting, punching and breaking bones along the way, sometimes even losing their lives as a result of their injuries! NO BALL GAMES In 1314, as a result of the mob violence, King Edward II bans football on the streets of London… “Forasmuch as there is great noise in the city caused by hustling over large foot balls in the fields of the public from which many evils might arise which God forbid: we command and forbid on behalf of the king, on pain of imprisonment, such game to be used in the city in the future” Quote Source: Old King Eddy wasn’t the last monarch to have beef with the rowdy game either…Henry the VI, VIII and Elizabeth I all waged war on Mob Football, Henry VIII claiming it distracted men from practicing their archery- BEHAVE. Despite being punishable by imprisonment and forced church repentance, Mobs continued to form and the game strived on. In 1603 King James I (LAD) legalised our beloved game, but it remained unruly and chaotic until the 1800’s during the Industrial revolution when Churches began to form football teams as a way of giving the factory workers a way to burn off steam! The formation of the world’s first official Football Club was in 1857- Sheffield FC. In October 1857 at the club’s AGM- the first rules, regulations and laws of the game were written and agreed upon and they became known as the Sheffield rules. In 1863 the Football Association was formed and the game as we know it began to take shape… Picture source:


    This 1500-year old game is the traditional national game of Myanmar (Burma), the games objective is to pass a small ball made from a single layer of handwoven natural rattan, between 6 players without the use of hands and without the ball touching the ground. In the game creativity is key, closely linked with dance and martial arts, Chinlone has hundreds of skills and is likely to of been founder of many of the modern day moves that are used in Freestyle football today. Chinlone is still very popular in Myanmar and after watching a few of the videos on YouTube, I can honestly see why! Check out some of these absolute BALLERS! Follow the link below to check out the 6 most basic Chinlone moves and see if you can replicate them with your Chamber Nine ball! Points are accrued by the team manoeuvring the ball using different combinations of ‘Strokes’ and the match is officiated by a team consisting of: 3 x Technical Delegate (ISTAF, ASTAF, MCF) - 5 x Juries - 1 x Official Referee - 1 x Referee - 1 x Asst Referee - 2 x Score Referee (electronic/manual) If VAR continues to be as consistent as a national address by Boris, the FA might have to take a leaf out of the Asian Chinlone Federations book! The full Chinlone rulebook can be found here;

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