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Season One

The perfect gift for footballers of all ages…Chamber Nine Season One is...


Enter the challenge in Chamber 1 and work your way through the Chambers until you are ready to come up against your fellow Grand Masters in the elusive CHAMBER NINE BATTLE

Season One includes a kick up guide, 24 kick up and freestyle challenges & the Chamber Nine battle card. Each challenge has an associated demonstration video available on our website Members Arena Click Here to join.

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Chamber Nine Ball

The challenges must be completed using our Official Chamber Nine - Size 3, 32 panel FIFA International Match Standard Football

We hope you enjoy your journey from New Beginnings to Grand Master

Players can use the Official Chamber Nine Tripod and Bluetooth Shutter to video record themselves completing the challenges, this is necessary to assess form, count back scores and to enter our online Flash competitions via our social media channels.

Chamber Nine Season One | The Arena Norwich | Cruise
Chamber Nine Season One | The Arena Norwich | Ben

The Product

Our 24-level kick up and freestyle challenge booklet, ball and tripod combination is the perfect gift for any football enthusiast!

  • Size 3 official Chamber Nine training ball

  • The Chamber Nine Season One pocket guide

  • The official Chamber Nine mobile phone tripod with Bluetooth remote shutter. 

  • Online video demonstrations

Season One challenges its players to master the art of kick ups before going on to conquer their first freestyle tricks and combinations. If you are looking to improve your ball mastery skills or are in need of a new challenge… look no further; Chamber Nine is awaiting you!

Chamber Nine Season One Challenge Ball Tripod Guide

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Full product specifications


The official Chamber Nine Challenge Size 3 Football Spec:

FIFA International match standard training ball, 32 panel, Size 3, PU Outer, POE Foam inner & latex bladder. Airlock valve. 


Chamber Nine’s adjustable smartphone tripod with Bluetooth remote. Flexible wrap around gripping legs, perfect for outdoors 

Special non-slip feet ensure a stable hold on all uneven surfaces.

The Bluetooth remote allows you to take handsfree video with up to a 10m range.

Works with most iPhone and Android  smartphones up to 8cm wide. *

* (mobile phone/camera/recording device not included) *